Lisbon to Invest €25.5 Million in Parque das Nações

3 April 2020 The Lisbon City Council has approved an Urban Rehabilitation Operation for the northern zone of Parque das Nações in Lisbon. The measure would extend the Tagus and Trancão parks to the edge of the district, refurbish the Sacavém railway station, build bicycle paths, a tram line and two bridges over Trancão.

The plan, which is forecast for completion within eight years, will cost at least 25.5 million euros. The municipality will finance almost all of the work, except for the modernisation of the Sacavém station, which is the responsibility of Infrastruturas de Portugal (IP). IP expects to invest approximately 1.5 million euros in the station.

The city has long planned to connect the Trancão and Tagus parks to a new park that the city of Loures is developing for the former lands of Petrogal. The decision to hold World Youth Day (WYD) there, a Catholic event that is expected to attract one million pilgrims, has brought a sense of urgency to the two projects.

A large part of the projected investment will go towards creating the tram line between Santa Apolónia and Sacavém, which will cost around 14 million euros. The city council, however, has yet to build the tram line from Baixa to Santa Apolónia.

Original Story: Público – João Pedro Pincha

Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner