Aura Ree Portugal Led Valuations of NPLs in 2020

8 January 2021 – Ana Custódio

The year 2020 showed that the Portuguese market remained very active, as banks continued their sales of NPL (Non-Performing Loans) and REO (Real Estate Owned Asset) portfolios.

Aura Ree Portugal once again stood out in the market for bad debts (NPLs and REOs) or similar, having performed valuations with a total book value of 1.25 billion euros.

In a challenging year, the team’s know-how and quality were once again recognised by the market’s principal players. The ability not only to assess but essentially to support strategic definition was the key to this recognition. According to José Covas, Managing Partner of Aura Portugal: “The year 2020 demonstrates the consolidation of a strategy focused on service excellence and the rigour and impartiality of evaluations and strategic consultancy in the NPL market in Portugal.”

Translation: Richard Turner