Aura Group announce the opening of its new office Aura REE France in Paris

April, 10, 2023

Leading Real Estate advisory firm on portfolio valuations, currently with offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and soon Cyprus. Aura REE have a qualified team of real estate experts and its proprietary bigdata platform with over 100 Million comparables since 2009, it give at Aura REE a great knowledge of the real estate prices and transactions. Core clients are institutional investors, financing banks, investment banks, hedge funds, developers, and local sellers (banks). Aura REE advise clients on different asset typologies (residential, land, WIP, hotels, nursery homes, touristic apartments, industrial warehouses, commercial and retail assets,…) specially on large portfolios brought to the market (REOs, NPLs, developer loans, ….).

Fernando Acuña, President of Aura Group, said “Aura REE Group continue its strategy of expansion, after 2 years of preparation and compilation of the data, we are now ready to open in France, one of the biggest Real Estate Investment Market and one the biggest NPL stock. We are bringing a new approach to the real estate market, combining data, real estate insights and processing capabilities with local knowledge. We will help our international clients to better understand the French market while introducing our methodology to local players”

Benjamin Girard, Country Manager of Aura REE, said “With a such amount of stock and transactions, we open in France at the perfect timing. I’m glad to join Aura REE and its so valued team, and I’m impressed by the quality of our Real Estate Big Data platform. I know that the period is challenging but as I said, the more market prices go down or up, the more you need to know your asset value. It’s for us a good opportunity to provide one of the best solution for our partners.”

Aura REE is also launching its Real Estate Big Data platform on the French Market  Brainsre. Find all the data you need to make real estate decisions and incorporate it into reports, models and presentations. Brainsre is the big data platform chosen by investors in the real estate sector, bank & insurance and developers, thanks to the quality and quantity of its data but also due to its solutions adapted to each client.