Fidelidade to Sell ARYA, a Portfolio of Five Properties in Lisbon and Porto

10 September 2019

Fidelidade is planning the sale of a portfolio of five properties in Lisbon and Porto, including its headquarters in Chiado. The insurer hopes to sell the portfolio, known as ARYA, by the end of the year for approximately 130 million euros.

Fidelidade currently has its headquarters in a 19,000-m2, pink-coloured building located Largo Calhariz 30. However, after having acquired the Feira Popular last year for over €270 million, the firm is planning on concentrating all of its operations at a single site.

ARYA consists of the firm’s headquarters, valued at €25 million; the 6,630-m2 Terminal K, in Santa Apolónia, a potential hotel; the 2,334-m2 Marechal Saldanha, Malhoa 13, on the Praça de Espanha, and the Galeria de Paris, in Porto.

Original Story: Economia Online – Rita Neto

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner