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Real estate, stores surpassed malls in 2017

10 April, Pambianco News

For the first time, investments in high street in Italy beat those for shopping centres in 2017. The data comes from the report on the retail real estate market in Italy and in Europe by Scenari Immobiliari. The analysis shows how the operations carried out by the institutional investors in the fashion sector amounted to approximately 805 million euro in comparison with the 760 million for shopping centres.

More than half of the capital has been invested in shops in Milan, mainly in the luxury district such as Quadrilatero. Among the most interesting emerging areas, there is Piazza Cordusio, where the Uniqlo and Yamamay stores will open soon, along with a new branded coffee shop and restaurant. Always in the same area, the first Italian Starbucks will also open.

Source: Pambianco News

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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