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“Rather than opening new shopping centres, it’s necessary to promote those already existing”

03 November, Maremma News

From the intervention of Follonica Partito Comunista: “The proposals for the development of the city are more than welcome, but we want to remind that Conad had a shopping centre in the nearby area that closed a couple of years ago and for which we committed, together with the residents of the area, in finding a solution that could improve the conditions of the shopping centres on the road 176 west. We’re aware that is not easy to make a comparison between the two properties, but the fact that Conad already closed one shopping centre doesn’t certainly play in its favour.”

“Second: in Follonica there are already two Conad shopping centres at the moment, plus other two big shopping centres. The opening of a new one would be the final stroke for the small businesses scattered around the city that had already to endure the challenges of the disproportional growth of shopping centres.”

“Third: we want to remind that the big shopping centres are closing in most of the Western world as they’re considered no longer profitable by the current capitalism: it’s sufficient looking at the results in Grosseto of the new mega centres. This is due partly to the growth of e-commerce and to new supply chains. Those employees should have their salaries and benefits increased and multinationals should pay their taxes.”

“Finally, but not less important, the building of a new shopping centre in the area is only a waste of precious land, meaning more concrete, something that Follonica certainly doesn’t need.”

Source: Maremma News

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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