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Parma: new shopping district for 200 million

25 February, Ansa

The real estate company Sonae Sierra and Impresa Pizzarotti & c. have started a joint venture for the development of the new shopping district in Parma, near the trade fair. According to the memo, the investment for the whole project is about 200 million euro, partly financed by a pool of banks composed of UniCredit, Banca Imi and Banco Bpm.

The shopping district will develop on a surface of approximately 300 thousand Sq m, with a total GLA of about 74 thousand Sq m and 170 units. It will be composed of a shopping district of approximately 53 thousand Sq m, and a retail park nearby of about 21 thousand Sq m.

The inauguration of the shopping district (managed by Sonae Sierra) is expected for autumn 2019.

Source: Ansa

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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