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Milan: new call for the shops in the centre

04 October, Fashion Network

The City of Milan continues with the optimisation of its real estate assets. Yesterday the administration published two calls for applicants. One concerns the lease of a commercial space; the other is for the sale of some lots. The total value is 1 billion euro. The deadline is 20th November.

Roberto Tasca, City Councillor for state property, explains: “The projects don’t stop at the prestigious Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, but they also concern empty public spaces scattered all around the city. The market is currently very dynamic, and we’re about to place an increasing number of lots through public tenders, which we believe are the best solution in terms of transparency and fair competition”.

Concerning rentals, two shops in the city centre have been advertised. One space has a 47 Sq m surface, and it’s located in Via Bagutta 24. The yearly rent starts at 91 thousand euro. The other property has a surface of 49 Sq m, and it’s located in Via Dogana 4. The rent is 24 thousand a year. Two prime office spaces in Piazza Castello 3 are also being auctioned after the previous auction was inquorate. The first office has a surface of 95 Sq m, and the rent starts from 27 thousand euro a year. The second one has a 396 Sq m surface, and the starting price is 113 thousand euro a year.

The lot for sale is in via Andrea Ponti 3, and the starting price is 542 thousand euro. There is also a shop in Via Melchiorre Gioia 112, including a basement and a garage. The price starts at 312 thousand euro. Finally, there are also an apartment featuring a cellar in Boscone (the starting price is 110 thousand euro) and a garage in Viale Bligny (price from 37 thousand euro).

Source: Fashion Network

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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