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Kryalos aims at retail with the fund Dante

05 April, Milano Finanza

Dante has been launched. The alternative real estate closed-end fund (Fia) of Kryalos sgr holds six shopping arcades spread throughout the national territory for a total surface of approximately 79,300 Sq m and over 250 units. The investor is an affiliate of Partners group, the global company holding managed assets for 74 billion. The portfolio is composed of two shopping arcades in North Italy (Padua and Modena), two in the Centre (Roma and Civitavecchia), and two in the South (Brindisi and Siracusa). “Dante makes possible for us to grow further while focusing on the retail segment”, explained Paolo Bottelli, Kryalos Ceo. “We believe that the path undertaken together with Partners Group has a great potential and will bring new projects”.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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