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High street in Italy: Rome is second with +5% in Via dei Condotti

20 July, World Capital

The Italian retail real estate market is generally stable with signs of slight growth in the main cities.

It’s the situation pictured in the new Report Retail Fashion High Street 2018 by World Capital in collaboration with the Italian Fashion Federation, Global Blue, Osservatorio Acquisti Nexi and CCIAA, which will be published in September.

It’s worth to note the positive performance registered in Rome: +5% in Via dei Condotti (8,400 euro/Sq m) in the previous semester, gaining the city the second position among the most exclusive Italian high streets.

Globally, Italy is sixth in the international high street chart, just after Hong Kong (14,500 euro/Sq m), with con Via Montenapoleone (10,750 euro/Sq m) reporting a 4% increase from the previous semester.

The last edition of the report focuses on Turin, with particular attention paid to the areas of Piazza San Carlo, Via Garibaldi, Via Roma and Via la Grange. Here, the vacancy average times have reduced and the shops in Via Garibaldi reporting an 11% growth.

Finally, the report also includes the participation of Franco Dall’Aglio, Fimaa president for Turin, Maria Luisa Coppa, Turin Confcommercio president, Francesco Cena, Turin Federmoda, and of the major retailer associations in the city.

“Despite the rise of e-commerce, the Italian retail sector is in good shape and is aligned with its global competitors. – Says Lucia Dattola from the World Capital research department – What gives appeal to locations as Milan, Rome and Turin is the exclusivity of the prime product. In fact, the attractivity of the offer for Italian retail properties summons national and international investors”.

Source: World Capital

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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