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Department store near the Colosseum for sale in Rome

07 April, La Repubblica

Three levels above ground with wonderful terraces facing the Colosseum, a spacious interior yard accessible to vehicles, a basement for archives and technical offices, but also, as put by the advertisement, “some building regularisation work to be carried out after the purchase, at buyer’s expenses”.

Invimit, the company owned by the Ministry of Economy, has put for sale 1,363 Sq m in Via Claudia. The price hasn’t been disclosed and it’s destined to stay a secret thanks to a confidentiality agreement. The area is extremely attractive, but there aren’t many companies – or better, many brands – that can afford to buy it. While in Via del Tritone another McDonald’s is opening, we hope that the property in Via Claudia, where some scenes of the movie The Great Beauty were shot, won’t be turned into a jeans store or a copy of something already existing.

Source: La  Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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