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Villa Versace on sale: 33 million for 15 bedrooms

23 May, La Repubblica

A villa in the heart of Milan, hidden in a park, in Via dei Giardini: 2,000 Sq m, a panoramic terrace, fifteen bedrooms and ten bathrooms, a garage with six parking spaces. Villa Versace, where Santo, brother of the fashion designer Gianni, lived for several years, is still for sale. After being posted on the luxury real estate website in 2012, the price has considerably dropped. In fact, eight years ago, it was put on the market for 49 million. Today, after the recession, the standstill and the beginning of the recovery, the property is back on the market for 33 million.

It’s not a devaluation, assure the market experts, but rather an alignment with the current prices. If we consider that the market of first-class properties (those valued over one million) in Milan is growing – according to Scenari Immobiliari, it had increased by 18% between 2016 and 2017 -, it might be the right moment for the Villa Versace, located between Brera and the Quadrilatero. Bodini Barbera International Real Estate only states that “there are continuous views” by potential buyers.

It wasn’t like that in the past years when Versace put for sale the house where he used to live because “I felt like it wasn’t mine anymore, as it belonged to another life”. The 2012 pictures, when the property was put for sale with Sotheby’s, show luxurious interiors of the modernist villa built in 1953: spacious living rooms facing on the garden, lounge rooms with a pool table covered by a carpet with the typical pattern of the Maison, the same pattern is repeated on the pillows of the couches, the beds, even on the gold and blue towels covering the chaise longue on the terrace, plus mosaics in the bathrooms and big chandelier. Today’s pictures show a more austere style and less furniture. But the style of the Maison is still intact.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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