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Turin: foreigners are shopping for properties

23 August, La Repubblica

Foreigners love Piedmont. They not only come here to spend their holidays, but they’ve also started buying houses, according to the report by Fiaip Piemonte. “In Turin, buyers focus on short-term rentals destined to tourists, along with rentals for longer periods for people moving to the city from other towns for work, whereas foreigners appreciate the city so much that they end up buying a house”. The most sought-after regions by international buyers are Lago Maggiore, Monferrato and Langhe. Fiaip also says that the province of Biella “gets its share of tourists with Belgians and French above all, while the area around Lago Viverone is very popular among Germans, British and Norwegians”. The Vercelli province too “gets a lot of tourists from France during the summer, especially from those families that moved over the border during the Forties”.

The real estate agent federation has registered a lot of activity also in Turin: “The city is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, attracting professionals from different parts of the world that move here for work. We’ve never received so many requests from wealthy foreigners as we did this year”. Moreover, “Australians, Americans, Japanese and French are particularly interested in the city centre and the old town”. They’d rather rent, but “there have been a few sales as well”.

Source: La Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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