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The property market likes construction companies

06 November, Il Giornale

The portal Casa.it is now addressing constructors too, as new construction is a growing market with characteristics completed different from houses for sale or for rent. The tool is called “Case Nuove”, and it’s dedicated to real estate constructors and developers, allowing the promotion of new constructions by advertising them to the users of Casa.it, a portal with seven million visits a month. Together with atHome.lu, immoRegion.fr and atHome.de, Casa.it is part of a European real estate group.

After the management buy-out concluded in February 2017, the company had radically changed. The new organisation is guided by Luca Rossetto, former manager for Telecom, Vodafone and Autogrill. There are also new shareholders, besides the high management and the fund Oackley Capital. The objective is betting on innovation, launching new services and closing the year with positive figures. Rossetto explains: “The new product Case Nuove comes from the necessity provide information on new real estate projects in a better way, sometimes even before the construction starts. For this reason, after having analysed the needs of developers and real estate agents, we’d created a service which fully describes properties in a more complete and efficient way than the traditional online ads”.

Among the new services, there are Lead Generation specialised in mortgages and CasaLab which broadens the target by addressing financial institutions, asset managers, and real estate developers. Basically, Casa Lab gathers data from the portal Casa.it, it aggregates and offers them to whom markets properties, allowing to monitor the market and identify the demand trends (in which city, neighbourhood or area and for which property type the demand is focused), based on real-time data.

Rossetto continues: “People generally look for properties or consult websites only if they are looking for buying a house. The interest doesn’t necessarily translate into a purchase, but there are more chances to buy if one is actively looking. Analysing the single areas in the main cities in terms of number of visits, we can forecast where property prices are about to increase or whether sales are growing”. He adds that, excluding short-term rentals, websites nowadays are mainly used for transactions. The focus in on new constructions: “The gap between the value of new and old properties is widening, and houses currently under construction are becoming more attractive”.

Concerning the numbers of Casa.it, the company reported on 30th June net profits for 3.6 million. “These assets will be entirely re-invested. There are no dividends, there are no debts”, concludes Rossetto.

Source: Il Giornale

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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