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Sardinia, rents are rising for two- and three-room apartments

19 December, L’Unione Sarda

Positive signals from the rents market. In the big Italian cities, the lease contracts have registered increases comprised between 1.1% for three-room apartments and 1.2% for two-room apartments, up to 2% for one-room apartments. Whereas the main cities of Sardinia have reported smaller increases, but up to 1.4% nonetheless. The most sought-after types of property are two-room apartments (39.6%) and three-room apartments (34.7%). These numbers are taken from a survey by Tecnocasa, which analysed the average values of rentals in the region in the first semester of 2017. According to the report, this positive trend is due to the decreased offer and, at the same time, to a better quality of properties for rent.

Many people, especially young people, students, families with just one income, workers coming from other towns, prefer to rent a house since they can’t access the credit market. When evaluating a house to rent, most of the people require a furnished property, with an independent heating system, amenities nearby and plenty of light.

The reason behind the choice of renting is substantially homogeneous: “60% looks for the main home, 36.6% rents for work-related reasons, and 3.4% does so to study. The work-related component has slightly increased”, clarifies Tecnocasa. 41.2% of people renting is aged between 18 and 34 years, while 25.4% is aged between 35 and 44 years. 40.7% is single.

Trying to define a map of the main centres of the island, it appears that renting a two-room apartment in Cagliari costs on average between 400 and 550 euro, between 300 and 450 in Sassari, between 300 and 450 in Oristano, between 300 and 330 in Iglesias, between 380 and 420 in Quartu Sant’Elena, and around 350 in Alghero. While for three-room apartments, average prices in Cagliari are between 500 and 700 euro, between 380 and 500 euro in Sassari, between 370 and 500 in Oristano, between 330 and 350 euro in Iglesias, between 450 and 480 in Quartu Sant’Elena and between 400 and 480 in Alghero.

Source: L’Unione Sarda

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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