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Prices of beach houses have further decreased by 1.1%

15 August, Libero

The holiday houses market is giving mixed signals: -1.1% for beach houses, +0.2% for those on lakes and -1.5% for mountain locations. Since 2008, beach houses have lost 39.6% of their value, the lake ones 28.3% and mountain 31.7%. The data are taken from the research centre of the group Tecnocasa that analysed the trend of beach, lake and mountain tourist destinations. Prices have continued falling in the second part of 2017. The report also mentioned a slight reduction of people buying this property type for direct use, as well as some news concerning the typology of investors and the scope of the purchase.

The demand focuses on one-bedroom apartments or small two-bedroom apartments the closest as possible to the beach and featuring an external space for a price comprised between 100-140 thousand euro and 150-230 thousand euro respectively.

Source: Libero

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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