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Partnership between Dea Capital Real Estate Sgr and Barents

26 January, Milano Finanza

Dea Capital Real Estate Sgr (De Agostini group) and Barents Re (an independent private reassurance group) have started a strategic partnership to provide innovative solutions for the management of funds’ real estate portfolios. Dea Capital Real Estate Sgr is the leading company in the real estate funds sector in Italy with 45 funds (two of which are listed) and managed assets amounting approximately to 10 billion and a 20% market share. Dea Capital will offer its knowledge of the market, while Barents Re will provide expertise in regard to re-assurances concerning the stability of the values for indirect real estate investments. The objective of the partnership is to offer products to institutional investors, included those under surveillance such as banks and insurance companies, that want to optimise the structure of their assets, to monetise or to book the capital gains or the capital appreciations, to obtain a more efficient absorption of capitals, also availing themselves of the latest regulations regarding this matter.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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