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New investors for Optimum am

06 April, Milano Finanza

Optimum Asset Management, the real estate asset manager, has concluded and secondary transaction for the value of 100 million euro enabling the entry of new investors in Optimum Evolution Fund Sif-Property II, a fund mainly investing in prime properties in Berlin. Among the investors, reads the memo, there are Heleba Invest (a German institutional investment management company), Strategic Partners Fund Solutions (the Blackstone platform dedicated to the secondary and private market). The fund was launched in 2011 with initially 200 million euro raised among institutional investors. The group of investors has sold its interests to the new investors obtaining a profit of over 70%. Optimum was one of the first funds that, starting from 2006, believed in the potential of the real estate market of the German capital, obtaining excellent returns from it.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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