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Naples, rents more expensive by 5%. Tenants rent on average for 30 months

03 April, Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Rents have grown by 5% over 2017, the research for the right apartment is definitely long (3.4 months), and the average length of the rent is of 30 months (a record among the provincial capitals). These data are taken from the 2017 report on rents by Solo Affitti, the network specialised in rents present with 300 agencies throughout the country, with the technical collaboration of Nomisma and focused on the city of Naples. Here, “70% of the tenants choose to rent a property as their main dwelling. In 77% of the cases, tenants are couples, 40% of them have children, 37% haven’t”.

Who rents

According to the survey, “about one-fifth (18%) of the tenants are singles, while only 5% share the house to reduce the rent costs”. The highest percentage of single tenants has been reported in Trieste (60%), while the highest percentage of couples renting is in Aosta (80%), surpassing Naples by 3%”.

Why choosing to rent

Besides who chooses to rent for his/her main dwelling, almost one tenant over four in Naples has moved to the city for work reasons (23%), while students represent the 7%. According to the Solo Affitti survey, the highest quota of people moving for work is in Bologna (56.7%) and Trieste (55%), while rents to students are most widespread in Florence and Trieste (40% for both)”.


In 2017 in Naples, “lease contracts have grown by 4.9% (+2.6% is the national average), setting around 572 euro monthly, a value higher than the national average (528 euro)”. The highest average prices for rents have been reported in Milan (978 euro), Rome (789 euro), Florence (652 euro), Venice (631 euro), and Trento (591 euro). In Naples, the average price for a studio apartment is 387 euro, 444 euro if it’s already furnished, while a one-bedroom apartment costs 128 euro more (600 euro for the furnished ones). Two-bedroom apartments cost around 643 euro monthly (719 euro), while three-bedroom apartments cost 745 euro (848 euro). The average rents for houses with a garage are comprised between 486 euro and 863 euro”.

The prime areas

In the prime areas of Napes, “the average monthly rent for non-furnished properties is set between 535 euro (studio apartments) and 1000 euro (three-bedroom apartments), while in suburban areas it’s between 340 euro and 650 euro. The most convenient Italian cities are Catanzaro, where the average monthly rent is 327 euro, Perugia (356 euro) and Potenza (367 euro).

The type of contract

According to the report, “it emerges that the most widespread type of lease in Naples is the unregulated one (48.3%), while regulated lease contracts represent 44.7% of the total, in the forms of “3+2”, for university students, and “temporary”. Regulated lease contracts are not very widespread probably because their prices are too distant from those of the market. Regulated lease contracts are more common in Perugia (97% of the contracts), Trieste (95%), Venice and Cagliari (90% for both).

The research times

In Naples, “it takes long to find a house (3.4 months against the 2.1 months of the national average). Only in Aosta it takes longer (3.5 months), while it takes little shorter times in Bari and in Campobasso (3.3 months each). According to Solo Affitti, the shortest times to arrive at the signature of the lease contract are registered in Cagliari (0.9 months), Bologna, Florence (1.3 months for both), Trento and Ancona (1.5 months both).

The average length

Naples, Campobasso and Aosta are the Italian cities where tenants stay generally longer: nearly 3 years (30 months), more than the national average (23.4 months). In Trieste, tenants change house more frequently (every 16 months), followed by Bari, Catanzaro and Trento (18 months).

Source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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