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In La Spezia the average price to buy a house has reached 214 thousand euro

05 April, Il Sole 24 Ore

The la Spezia residential market had a good start of the year: the first quarter of 2018 is aligned with the last year trend. “In the second part of 2017- explains Alessia Di Martino, real estate agent for Grimaldi – the volume of transactions has grown in comparison with the previous quarter, thanks to the growing demand, a wide and steady supply, and a slight decrease of prices, even though they’ve remained sustainably unchanged from last year. We’re expecting prices to drop further, while the offer will remain stable. For what concerns the demand and transactions, the outlook is for an additional growth”. The increased liquidity of the market can be seen also in the selling times: in the last six months, the average times have gone from 9 months to 8.6 months. The negotiating power follows the same trend (even though with more contained numbers): the gap between the offered price and the closing price is currently reducing by 17.8% on average. The demand is focused on the traditional three-bedroom apartment, even better if located in the Migliarina and Mazzetta areas, or in the eastern part of the city in general. The average purchasing price reported in the last six months by Facile.it is set at 213,870 euro. The average amount requested for a mortgage is set at 119,665 euro, against the amount actually issued on average set around 115,925 euro. Concerning investing for rental, the ideal property is the one-bedroom apartment for 50 thousand euro upwards (the ideal location is the north-western part of the city, where prices are convenient, the area caters mostly the workers from the Navy nearby). Tourists rentals are also doing well. In this case, the buyers are small entrepreneurs planning to open a bed&breakfast, ideally located near the train station.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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