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Immobiliare.it: stagnating trend of property prices in the first half of 2019

10 July, Immobiliare.it

The national market reported minimal variations in the property prices in the first semester of the year, setting at 1,879 euro/Sq m on average (-0.2%).

Prices in the south are set at 1,552 euro/Sq m. In the centre, the average is 2,234 euro/Sq m (-0.7%), while prices in the north increased by 0.5% for an average of 1,926 euro/Sq m.

Florence is Italy’s most expensive city, averaging 3,810 euro/Sq m. Milan is second with 3,466 euro/Sq m (+4.3%). Finally, Rome is third with 3,148 euro/Sq m, reporting a negative variation of -2%.

Source: Immobiliare.it

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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