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House prices in Trento have slightly decreased. -1% in one year

04 January, L’Adige

House prices slightly decreased in December in Trento and its province, as it’s shown by Immobiliare.it that analysed over 5,300 apartments, houses and villas put for sale on the website over the last month. If we consider the prices requested by the sellers, we note how the fall of prices is not stopping, even though they’re decreasing less than in the past. But before starting talking about a price recovery, we must keep in mind that buying a house is not an easy job, considered that banks finance up to 80% of the value to avoid issues with payments, and families don’t have enough initial capital.

The property owners themselves have noticed the lesser purchasing power of buyers. Analysing the trend at a provincial level, it emerges how the average requested prices per Sq m has significantly dropped between December 2016 and December 2017.

Over December 2017, in fact, properties in the province of Trento “have registered an average price of 2,281 euro per Sq m. compared to the 2,313 euro per Sq m requested in December 2016, with a fall of 1.38%. In the last 24 months, the requested price reached the highest point in January 2016 with 2,367 euro per Sq m”, explain the experts at Immobiliare.it. Other advisement websites also, such as Idealista.it, for instance, show how it often happens that the advertiser reduces the price. One example is a new apartment in Trento in the Cappuccini area, where the owner, a construction company, has reduced the price going from 460,000 euro one year ago to the current 390,000 euro, for about 130 Sq m for three bedrooms.

Compared to the province, the trend in the city is slightly better for whom is selling. In fact, prices have stayed substantially unchanged over the last year. In December 2017, the requested price for residential properties on sale has been on average 2,505 euro per Sq m, against the 2,510 euro per Sq m of December 2016 (with a reduction of 0.21%). Over the last 24 months, the requested prices in the city of Trento has reached the peak in January 2016, with 2,569 euro per Sq m. The month with the lowest prices has been November 2017, 2,490 euro per Sq m. Penthouses are more expensive, with 3,175 euro per Sq m, against the 1,696 euro per Sq m of detached houses, in most cases old and needing renovation work. The requested price for apartments has been equal to 2,518 euro per Sq m.

Source: L’Adige

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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