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Bergamo, house sales growing up to 50% in the hinterland

10 December, L’Eco di Bergamo

The recovery is tangible. The figures are better than any optimistic prevision. The residential market in the hinterland is closing the year with sales grown by +50% compared to the previous years.

“Stezzano has grown by 60%, but also Ponte San Pietro (+67%), Dalmine (+53%), Alzano Lombardo (+35%) have reported remarkable results – explains Carlo Baretti, vice president for the local Fimaa. The whole province in 2016 has reported an increase of 20% compared to 2015 regarding house sales. For the numbers of 2017, we’ll have to wait until January/February, when the figures from the Land Registry Office will be published. However, the results for the first three quarters of the current year are positive, continuing the trend started in 2016.

According to the experts of the sector, property market in the province is very varied, more than that in the city.

The map

“In the province, we must say that “Grande Bergamo” – highlights Gianfederico Belotti, director of Valore Casa & Terreni – namely the towns around Bergamo that haven’t been impacted by the recession that much, on the contrary, the demand exceeds the supply, especially in the locations on the hills. This is true for towns such as Ponteranica, Sorisole, Almenno San Salvatore and San Bartolomeo, Torre Boldone, Ranica, Gorle, Curno, Mozzo and Treviolo”.

If it’s true that sales are growing, the same is not valid for properties in the city. “The transactions that have been concluded here – explains Roberto Boffelli, provincial representative for Fiaip – are referred to the new property market that originated after the recession. Finally, we can see a certain stability of prices and who are intending to buy has understood that prices will not drop further. This is the right moment to buy”.

“In the towns of the hinterland – says Salvatore and Massimo Ranucci, respectively provincial Fiaip president and councillor – the market is definitely focused on first houses. This is a local market, where the buyer has good chances to buy easily, with the guarantee that the property will not lose its value”.

Good results for Seriate and Ranica

Returning to the transactions closed, Ranica and Seriate have reported some remarkable results. “in Ranica, 70 transactions were closed in 2016 – says Carlo Baretti, Fimaa – but the most interesting fact is the increase. The reason is due to its position on the hills. Stezzano has also reported an increase, thanks to its proximity to the city and a good viability. While Seriate, besides being close to Bergamo, is valued also for the services the city has to offer”.  “In Ranica, such as Torre Boldone and Alzano Lombardo, the market is dynamic – stresses Belotti – and prices for properties on the hills are higher than those of the residential areas in the city. Curno, Mozzo and Treviolo too have registered dynamic activities and prices are rather high for villas and detached houses with garden. While some towns such as Valbrembo and Paladina are suffering a little since, despite the good locations, are penalised by the traffic of Villa d’Almè – Dalmine. For all the towns along this road, there are great expectations for the start of the works for the Teb tramway”.

Source: L’Eco di Bergamo

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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