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Apartments, barracks and offices. The Metropolitan City of Milan is on sale

10 April, Libero Milano

The offices in Palazzo Isimbardi will be put for sale. After all, the city budget is not in good shape and needs to be patched. At least from an economic point of view.

The Metropolitan City of Milan has recently approved a real estate disposal and enhancement plan up to 2020. This means that also other properties in the city might be put for sale, including residential properties, schools and former barracks. Nothing new, the administrations have been working for years in order to cope with the financial deficit created by the Delrio reforms as best as they could. Sometimes there are no buyers, but this is another story. What matters is that the disposal process is continuing, technicians and architects are working on the projects and the Sala administration doesn’t differ much from the Pisapia one.

Basically, the Municipality might obtain about 40 million this year, and nearly 50 million by 2019-2020, namely 39 in the next twelve months and the other ten afterwards.

Hence, the potential earnings are remarkable. As a result, Spazio Oberdan in Porta Venezia and two buildings in Via Pusiano have already been put for sale. There is also a significant number of residential properties, including those located in Ponte Lambro, plus properties for a total surface of 2 thousand Sq m in Binasco are about to be put on the market, as well as four custom houses, various areas destined to social housing (in Via Litta Modigliani and Via Don Calabria). That is not all: the sale of the prestigious Palazzo Diotti, the headquarters of the Milan prefecture in Corso Monforte, will be finalised by the end of the year. The procedure is at an advanced stage: last July Invimit Sgr made an offer for 38 million euro and now it’s only matter of dealing with the technicalities before concluding the operation. 13 thousand Sq m of history of Milan gone, but when there is no money anything goes.

In the disposal plan of the administration, there is a property in Via Settembrini that currently accommodates a facility of the Fatebenefratelli hospital. Even the areas around schools might be rented “for the installation of advertising billboards, in order to obtain an income from it”. The disposal plan also includes a meeting room in the Leonardo da Vinci Lyceum in Via Corridoni. “It requires urgent interventions in order to comply with the safety standards”, reads the documents from the Metropolitan City available on the online municipal notice board. The only hope is that the students will benefit from these operations. Anyway, the way to get the budget back on track is still very long.

Source: Libero Milano

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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