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  • Transaction / Assets
    hotel in Liguria
  • Seller
    Residence Astoria Cavi srl
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  • € MM

Lavagna, the old Astoria hotel acquired by Dmore

17 April, Il Secolo XIX

Astoria was sold at auction for 4 million euro. The old hotel in Cavi Arenelle was acquired by Dmore from Bergamo. The company, as the website reads, “is focused on high added value real estate operations”.

Dmore has already implemented some operations in Como, Mantova, Milano, Piacenza and Pavia. That in Lavagna is the first in Liguria. The negotiations are currently on with the Municipality to restart the works on the old hotel which stopped in April 2013. ZH General Construction Company spa from Campo Turres (province of Bolzano) stopped the negotiations with Residence Astoria Cavi srl – the property owner – while awaiting the resolution of its financial position since only 6.8 million were issued of the 19 million euro estimated to fund the operation. In January 2015, both companies filed for bankruptcy. The hotel was assigned to an insolvency administrator, the accountant Luigi Spagnolo from Milan. The auction took place a couple of days ago and saw the participation of two Italian companies.

Dmore adjudicated the property upon an offer of 4 million euro. “We hope the works to restart soon”, declared Spagnolo understanding the feelings of the residents, sick of seeing the homeless people coming and going, as the hotel was transformed into a shelter. The architect Enrico De Carlo explains that “the owners got in contact with the Municipality and they’re about to renew soon the building license which expired in the meantime in order to start the works as soon as they’ll be assigned to a construction company. The project remains unchanged on the overall: 42 apartments and a hotel with 160 beds distributed over about eighty rooms. The construction works might require over a year, while the residential part is at a more advanced stage and might be completed before summer 2019. By then, hopefully, also the hotel part will be finished”.

Source: Il Secolo XIX

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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