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  • Transaction / Assets
    5 parking lots
  • Seller
    Sias Parking
  • Buyer
    Fondazione Ente Autonomo Fiera Internazionale, Parcheggi Italia
  • € MM

Sias Parking sells parking lots for 61.5 million

30 November, Milano Finanza

Sias Parking, a Sias subsidiary, has completed the sale of the shares in the parking lot sector held in Fiera Parking Spa, Parcheggi Piazza Meda Srl, and Parcheggio Via Manuzio Srl in Milan, Parcheggio Piazza Vittorio Srl in Turin, Parcheggio Piazza Trento e Trieste Srl in Monza for total value of 61.5 million euro. More in detail, Sias Parking sold to Fondazione Ente Autonomo Fiera Internazionale of Milan its shares, equal to 99%, held in Fiera Parking for a value of 32 million euro. Fiera Parking is the company managing as a concession holder the parking lots in Rho-Pero in the new Fair of Milan as per the agreement signed in 2003 with Fondazione Fiera Milano. Moreover, 50% of the shares in the two other parking lots in Milan, together with those in Turin and in Monza, have been sold to Parcheggi Italia for a total value of 29.5 million. The sale of the shares held in the parking lots segment, acquired in November 2014 for a value of 32.7 million euro, follows the new guidelines of the group led by Beniamino Gavio, increasingly focused on its core business of motorways, at a national and international level, and the divestiture of non-strategic assets.

Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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