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    Offices in Milan
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    DeA Capital Real Estate
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DeA Capital Real Estate gets the Milan Edison offices

21 November, Monitor Immobiliare

This might be the biggest transaction of 2017. DeA Capital Real Estate has finalised the closing of the Milan offices owned by Edison for an amount equal to 272 million euro.

The acquisition operation of the assets of Foro Buonaparte 31 and 35 was made through the Fund Ippocrate, Fia, reserved to expert investors.

As already included in the preliminary sale contract signed on 27th July 2017, the parties have underwritten today a lease agreement for the Edison properties for a duration of 12 years with the possibility of renewal with the same terms for other 6 years at the best market conditions.

Source: Monitor Immobiliare

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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