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The whole Mas department store building is on sale for 17 million euro


The famous Mas, the Statuto department store, a symbol of the Esquilino building, is now on sale. According to the online advertisement, the property, six storeys and 6 thousand Sq m, is worth 17 million and it needs renovation work. But the story of Mas is priceless. It opened at the beginning of the last century as a luxury department store; then, thanks to the intuition of its founder and owner Giovanni Pezone, recently passed away, became the forerunner of the outlets, as well as a cult symbol for the Rome vintage. The decline started a few years ago with the transfers to a company to another, the troubles with the justice of the widow of Pezone and the mortgages with Bnl. A couple of months ago the store closed down for good and now the final conclusion with the sale of the building.


Source: la Repubblica

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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