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Veveri, all set for the opening of the new shopping centre “Nov’aria”


“The inauguration of the first shop is on 28th September”

 The store Scarpe & Scarpe will open on 28th September and it will be accommodated in the retail centre in Corso Della Vittoria, implemented by renovating the former Carrefour supermarket. The facility has been empty for years and it has now been renovated to accommodate five shops: besides Scarpe & Scarpe, there will be a Unieuro store, a Piazza Italia clothing shop, a furniture shop from the chain Maison Du Monde, and a Roadhouse Grill restaurant. In the facility just beside, close to the new Esselunga supermarket, a new DIY store Obi will open soon.

The “Nov’aria” retail park will employ 400 employees and according to the project, it will also include a green area.


Source: http://www.novaratoday.it/economia/apertura-centro-commerciale-veveri.html

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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