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Venetian banks, the transfer of Bim and Attestor by Thursday

21 October, Il Gazzettino

Veneto Banca is almost at the end of the negotiations for the transfer of 71.4% of Bim and Attestor, exclusively started in September after having evaluated the offers of 4 funds, among which there are Warbgurg, JC Flowers, and Barents Re. This is what a memo from the bank reads. “The parties are finishing the contract” and “the exclusive negotiation period between Veneto Banca and Attestor has been postponed till 26th October 2017”. The exclusive was announced by Montebelluna on 28th September, after the evaluation of the 4 offers coming from the funds Warburg, JC Flowers, Attestor, and Barents Re at the end of August. For the liquidators of the bank (Alessandro Leproux, Giuliana Scognamiglio, and the former Ceo of Popolare Vicenza Fabrizio Viola), one of the most crucial steps for the transfer of activities of Veneto Banca and Popolare Vicenza to Intesa Sanpaolo is coming to an end. There is still left to define the destiny of Farbanca (Popolare Vicenza), the chemists’ bank, for which there are 4 offers (Creval, Ifis, Blue Sky e Atlas), as well as the participation in Arca, in which Veneto Banca and Popolare Vicenza hold a share of 19.9%, but in  this case there are other partners (Popolare Sondrio for 21% and Bper for 33%) ready to intervene.

Source: Il Gazzettino

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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