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Unicredit, green light for the transfer of real estate for a value of 1.5 billion


Unicredit has closed an agreement with Sistemia, Yard, ItAuction and Unicredit Subito Casa for the divestiture of a real estate portfolio for a gross value of 1.5 billion euro.

The operation, as communicated by the bank through a memo, features the “commercialization” and the development of repossessed real estate assets coming from terminated leasing contracts and returned to the availability of UniCredit Leasing in Italy”.

The Portfolio includes several thousand industrial, commercial and residential estates, as well as office and touristic facilities. The divestiture plan is part of the greater plan Transform 2019 introduced in December aimed at attracting investments for 13 billion. The four partners have been chosen through a selection “that has involved the best players in the B2B real estate industry, assessed on their capabilities of promoting, accelerating and developing the assets offered for sale”.

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