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Ue-19: construction is rising again but in Italy record downturn


-4.1% in April, while in the Eurozone +0.3%

The construction industry in the Eurozone is rising again in  April (+0.3% in March), while it drops in Italy (-4.1%), the lowest figure of the 19 countries of the Eurozone. The news come from Eurostat. The trend is flat instead in the 28 European countries.  The production in March was -1.1% in the Eurozone and 0.6% in Italy.

Looking at the figures of the 28 European countries, the production increased in Sweden (+3.8%), France (+3.5%) and Czech Republic (+1.6%), while it decreased in Romania (-7.7%), Hungary (-2.6%), besides Italy. Compared to April 2016, the figures show an increase in the Eurozone of 3.2%, and of 2.7% in the 28 EU countries and a decrease of 4.6% in Italy, once again the lowest figure in the Eurozone also on a yearly basis.

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