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Shops and warehouses thriving in Modena

02 November, Il Sole 24 Ore

Still inadequate the offer regarding accommodations for students and workers

The real estate developments in Modena are focused on industrial innovation and university, with an interesting increase in enrolments. Factories are expanding and the demand for accommodations is increasing.

“Modena registers a thriving activity in the commercial sector with important transformations and extensions in the industrial world that remains the pillar of the local economy”. Reading the number regarding his city, the City Councillor for urban planning Anna Maria Vandelli notes the commitment toward research and innovation by many companies based in the city such as Hpe Coxa, Maserati, Cpc, Neotron, ing. Ferrari Spa, and Imalpal, all investing in the renovation of their properties and the extension of their plant through acquisitions of properties nearby. In most of the cases, these are companies operating in the crucial sectors for the economy of Emilia-Romagna. “There are companies like Hpe Coxa active in the automotive sector – explains the architect Claudio De Gennaro, property planner -, these companies have increased by four times their employees over the last 5 years, from 30 to 120 engineers, and they aim at creating innovative spaces to manufacture special parts for the automotive industry. For instance, there’s a company that instead of extruding the parts, it adds to them metallic powders using 3D printers, high-value technologic boxes”.

The industrial politics has a direct impact on the territory: it creates new jobs and it collaborates with universities. Gabriele Giacobazzi, City Councillor for public works and president of the provincial order of engineers, explains: “On the residential side, the city reports a high demand for non-traditional accommodations for students and temporary professors, that gradually will become permanent. Then we must consider the comeback of families that for years have been living in the towns of the hinterland”.

There is a demand for accommodations, but there is no appropriate offer. “The Municipality took part with excellent results to the tender dedicated to suburbs for a series of interventions in the northern part.  This is a project of twenty years ago – says Giacobazzi – that concerns the regeneration of the former livestock market area where now the contracts to intervene on viability and public spaces are finally starting, while we’re awaiting the residential lots for subsidized construction that will be implemented by a team of Modena-based companies”.

The requalification for the former Manifattura is at a standby, with Cdp working on it. The Province is trying to sell the Fanti barracks and is about to open a negotiation with the Ministry of Defence regarding the requalification of Ottavo Campale. This is a long list of operations, reckons the City Councillor looking at the future of his city, but the priority remains social housing, where the foundation Housing Social is investing in with two operations dedicated to young couples and students.

For what concerns urban regeneration, there is the program to merge the museums and the cultural spaces of the city. The Foundation Cassa di Risparmio is working on finishing the reconversion of the former Sant’Agostino Hospital, following the planning competition of 2012 and the tender won in 2013. “We’re still in the process of acquiring the permits – explains Luigi Benedetti, General Director of the Foundation – after the stop due to a verdict from the Regional Administrative Court in 2015. We expect to conclude this phase by spring 2018”. In the meanwhile, the project has expanded and enriched, despite being “totally funded by public assets (for an investment of 80 million) – clarified Benedetti -, we’ll look for a partner only for the management of the single activities”.

Among the initiatives, there is the one related to the Hotel Real Fini, the hotel is a symbol of the city and it’s located in Via Emilia Est. The hotel will reopen in the next three months, after a period of inactivity, with an operation promoted by the Bper and thanks to B&B Hotels.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore (by Paola Pierotti)

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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