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Scenari report: Italian funds towards 50 billion


Presented in Milan the 30th report on the real estate funds in Italy and abroad written by Scenari immobiliari.

The real estate funds industry reaches 517 billion assets in Europe, whereas Italy is aiming at reaching 50 billion in 2017.

The Italian asset management companies are starting to grow looking at the international markets.

Also, Alessandro Busci, Head of Business Development, Fund Raising & Fund Management of Prelios Sgr, expressed his satisfaction at the end of the conference: “The real estate funds sector, following the trend of the other European countries, confirms the recovery of the real estate market and it represents an important driving force. The investments in the real estate market can produce, besides stable returns for the investors, also positive effects in terms of development of the Country. In this context, over the last three years, Prelios SGR could reinforce its position in the market increasing by 14 the number of managed funds, generating an incremental AUM (Asset Under Management) for about 1.5 billion euro, besides approximately 0.5 billion euro in the first months of 2017, and widening its portfolio of subscribers of managed products to over 30 new primary institutional investors”.

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