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Scenari Immobiliari: investments in retail are declining

01 April, Monitor Immobiliare

Scenari Immobiliari reports declining investments in retail real estate in Europe and Italy. After a long positive period, 2019 closed with a -28% decrease from the previous year. The outlook for 2020 isn’t any better due to the Coronavirus emergency, and investments are expected to reduce by 30% in Europe and 25% in Italy. The market will likely recoup only in 2021.

There are investments in the pipeline for 2020-2023 concerning over 5.27 million Sq m in Europe, 1.46 million of which in Italy. Such investments are now at risk since many institutional investors will change their asset allocations.

In Italy, foreign investments will reduce due to the uncertainty of the economic situation. Small businesses will be the most impacted by the crisis, while mass retail will grow.

Source: Monitor Immobiliare

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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