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Residential market: Lombardy is doing ok, above average results for Brescia

02 January, Brescia Oggi

The Lombardy residential market had consistently grown in 2018, and the outlook is likely to be positive also in the future.

The figures are taken from a study by the real estate brokerage company Abitare Co., based on the data published by the Revenue Agency. From January to September, transactions totalled 87,455 units (+5.5%), placing Lombardy first in Italy concerning the number of transactions and seventh concerning the growth rate. Milan is still the first market, with 42,287 transactions and a 4.8% growth. Brescia is second with 9,822 transactions and a 6.6% growth, double the average growth of Lombardy. It’s followed by Bergamo (8,698), Varese (7,323), Como (4,751), Pavia (4,035), Mantova (2,551), Cremona (2,477), Lecco (2,424), Lodi (1,953) and Sondrio (1,135). The provinces have generally grown from 2017. Besides Milan and Brescia, Varese (+9.6%) and Como (+9.3%) have recorded the sharpest increases. They’re followed by Lodi (+8%), Cremona (+5.5%), Mantova (+5.4%), Bergamo (+5.3%), Lecco (+2.4%), Pavia (+1.8%) and Sondrio (+1%). Prices too reported excellent results. Milan, also in this case, is first in the chart with an average of 3,750 euro/Sq m, having slightly increased from the previous year (+0.5%).

Concerning prices, Brescia is in the middle of the chart, with an average price of 1,500 euro/Sq m, although registering the highest percentage decrease between January and September (-7%). Milan is followed by Como with 2,000 euro/Sq m (+1.9%), Pavia with 2,150 euro/Sq m (+2.8%, registering the sharpest increase in Lombardy), Bergamo with 2,000 euro/Sq m (-1.2%), Lecco with 1,900 euro/Sq m (+0.9%), Lodi with 1,600 euro/Sq m (+1.4%), Varese with 1,430 euro/Sq m (-2.1%), Sondrio with 1,400 eurp/Sq m (+1.3%), Mantova with 1,150 euro/Sq m (-2.5%) and finally Cremona with 1,100 euro/Sq m (-1.4%).

Source: Brescia Oggi

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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