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Real estate: the Tecla fund towards the closure, yearly returns for 7%

22 December, Ansa Economia

The fund Tecla – Fondo uffici managed by Prelios Sgr is going towards the settlement after having granted a yearly return of 7% to whom subscribed the quotas during the allocation.

Following the divestiture activity of the remaining real estate portfolio of the fund, Prelios has issued a partial refund in favour of the shareholders for 25 million euro, equal to 38.66 euro per quota. Since the allocation, the fund has distributed proceeds and made partial refunds for a value of 717.55 euro per quota, corresponding to 142.1% of the capital initially invested by the investors.

Considering the distributions and the final total refund, which will be determined only after having completed of the administrative and accounting procedures regarding the settlement of the fund, the average weighted early gross return (IRR) is assessed today at 7%.

Source: Ansa Economia

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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