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Real estate, Milan is the city with the most interesting prices

2 October 2017 WSI

Milan is the European city with the most interesting prices, according to UBS Wealth Management with its  UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2017, the yearly report of the Swiss bank analysing the prices of residential properties in 20 metropolis worldwide.

From the analysis, it turns out that a qualified professional of the service sector has to work on average only 5.7 years to afford a 60 Sq m apartment, this signals the most convenient conditions in all Europe.

Toronto is the city with the highest risk of a property bubble, followed in decreasing order by Stockholm, Munich, Vancouver, Sydney, London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. London is still at risk, even though less than last year.


Source: WSI (by Alessandra Caparello)

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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