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The real estate market is recovering, prices and demand are stable


Positive signals are coming from the real estate market, with prices showing signs of stabilization. It has been reported by Banca d’Italia in its survey on the residential market in Italy in 1,300 real estate agencies in the second quarter, registering also an increasing optimism among real estate agents.

According to the bank, the demand is showing signs of stabilisation, with reference both to the number of potential buyers and to the discount margins on the price originally quoted by the seller. The time needed to finalize a sale has slightly increased.

The survey reports that the mortgage loans have continued to cover a significant share of the sales, around 80%. Also, the ratio between loan and value of the property has remained on cyclically high levels, above 70%.

In comparison with the second quarter of 2016, the operators have higher expectations concerning the market in the short and medium term, at local as well as at national level.


Source: http://www.wallstreetitalia.com/mercato-immobiliare-in-ripresa-prezzi-e-domanda-si-stabilizzano/

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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