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Public meeting for the new shopping centre in Cisanello Pisa


New shopping centre, no to more concrete: public meeting in the neighbourhood

A public meeting has been organized to say no to the new shopping centre of Unicoop Firenze in the area between via Luzzatto and via Valgimigli, opposite to the currentl Coop supermarket. The initiative comes from “Rifondazione Comunista” and “Una città in comune per domani”.

On 4th July 2017, the Municipality of Pisa approved an implementation plan presented by Unicoop Firenze for the construction of a new shopping centre of 3 thousand Sq m, new houses (14 properties), and a new public parking lot of 5 thousand Sq m. On 26th July the approval was published and since then thirty days have passed for the assessments and the Council might irrevocably approve the project, which might be immediately implemented.

“Rifondazione Comunista” and “Una città in comune per domani” analyse the plan: “This project aims at a densely populated area, with a great presence of large and medium distribution, high traffic due to schools, supermarkets, shopping centres, private and public services and research centres present in the area. The plan will cover an area of over 12 thousand Sq m on the total 18 thousand, considering as green areas even the flowerbeds between the parking lots. Moreover, the project is going to be implemented without considering the rest of the neighbourhood: no planning for what concerns green areas, no pedestrian walks to connect the different compartments, no attention to the needs of the neighbourhood. Non only, lacking the necessary green spaces, the area will lack the capacity to absorb rain, to regulate the temperature, its biodiversity and beauty.

“All this for the sake of what?” “Rifondazione Comunista” and “Una città in comune per domani” are wondering. “Another shopping centre, with the consequent traffic, when only one kilometre away we have already six, counting between medium and large distribution. A parking lot, useful perhaps, but certainly not a concrete clearing of 5 thousand Sq m. Houses are no harm, but they’re probably useless given the presence of many unsold properties”.

”We believe that this project will worsen the problems of the neighbourhood without solving any of them”. For this reason,  an online petition was launched in August, reaching over 1,500 signatures in few days. Now it’s time to discuss the matter with the neighbourhood and the city in a public meeting to share information, analyze the real needs, decide which action to take to convince Coop supermarket and the Municipality to turn back”.


Source: http://www.pisatoday.it/cronaca/assemblea-pubblica-centro-commerciale-cisanello-pisa.html

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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