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Piazza Leonardo da Vinci revives

31 October, Il Giorno

One hundred apartments in 11 stair lobbies on 5 floors facing a private of 4 thousand Sq m. This is the new residential project called nòvAmpère that is developing between Via Ampère and Poggi, a few metres from Piazza Piola, in an area where there were once the Cnr offices, then left vacant for years. While the construction site started last spring, it looks like also Piazza Leonardo da Vinci will be transformed thanks to the nòvAmpère project. The existing garden will be reorganized in the green parts as well as the in the flooring. There will be a new playground (a school is nearby), with crossing stripes, new benches, and a new lighting system.

Not only. The reorganization will involve also the fountain, a monument to Andrea Cascella, damaged several times by vandals. The end of the works is expected by 2019 together with the completion of the residential complex in Via Ampère and the delivery of the apartments of the new building, designed by Gestimm, Impresa Rusconi and Mangiavacchi Pedercini, famous companies with nearly 250 years of experience if put together. It’s possible to see how the residential complex will be like from the scale map shown at a window of a shop in Via Ampère 56, which gathers the curious people or who’s interested in the future apartments. The complex will feature 24h surveillance, an interior garden of 4 thousand Sq m, visible from the outside thanks to a glass window. The residents will have at their disposal several services in the common area: a meeting room (good also for coworking), a gym, a hobby room equipped for small repairs, a covered playground, and a bicycle shelter. To complete the project, there are home automation, a geothermal system to regulate the temperature, photovoltaic panels, and a “smog-eating” façade capable of releasing oxygen. The highlight: the Ampère attics, designed like villas with gardens. One month ago, during the open day, a thousand of citizens came to have a look at the construction site, and the curiosity grows as the works proceed.

Source: Il Giorno

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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