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Palermo, the Community Hospital sells its properties

18 October, Repubblica

63 apartments, 17 warehouses, about 30 plots of land between Palermo, Messina, Catania, Siracusa, and Enna

For the first time, the Community Hospital of Palermo is selling its properties: 63 apartments, 17 warehouses, 14 offices, about 30 plots of land between Palermo, Messina, Catania, Siracusa, and Enna. A little treasure the company has decided to get rid of: too many expenses, no returns. For this reason, yesterday it published a “call for manifestations of interest”: all those interested in one of the Arnas properties can apply within 12 pm on 16th November. But this is only the preliminary act before the actual tender, when only the properties that received manifestations of interest will be put on sale.

All the properties registered in the 2011 Council decree are available. Shortly, Arnas will produce a second and more detailed census. “By December – explains the Administrative Director Vincenzo Barone – we’ll publish the public announcement to update the inventory. In the meantime, we’ll put on sale the properties which received manifestations of interest. Our office will set the price based on an auction, then we’ll proceed according to the most economically convenient bid”.

The Community Hospital has one of the largest real estate assets among the hospitals and healthcare facilities in Sicily. The most of it comes from the donations of the Palagonia family that left the facility established by Giuliano Maiali in 1470, a little treasure consisting of properties, land, and funds.

The core of the assets to sell is represented by the 63 residential apartments. They’re mainly apartments located in the areas of Oreto-Stazione, Ballarò-Alberghieria, Capo, and Monte di pietà Square. There are also many apartments in the old town, between Via Alloro, Via Scopari, and Santa Cecilia Theatre. They’re not only working-class apartments, but also historical buildings for civil use. There are also several warehouses (17) around the area of the Community Hospital and the old town. Finally, there are 14 offices, also located in the old town.

The land and the farmland are a different story. There are about 30 plots of land in Palermo (Malatacca, Alia, Bagheria, Lercara Friddi, Ventimiglia di Sicilia), Catania (Palagonia, Pindemonte Etneo, Calatabiano), Enna, Messina (Frazzanò, San Marco), Siracusa (Francoforte). Barone explains: “these are plots of land of not great value whose management for Arnas brings more risks than benefits and the company cannot support the costs. They’re not worth more than 200 thousand euro altogether”. Now, the company decided to get rid of the burden.

Source: Repubblica (by Giusi Spica)

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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