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NPL: 491 transactions in 2019 for a total of 46.3 billion GBV

26 March, Credit Village

Credit Village reports that the NPL transactions completed in 2019 were 491, amounting to 46.3 billion euro of GBV. Of these transactions, 333 were carried out on the primary market, while 158 on the secondary market, 54 of these through an SPV.

Nine transactions concerned portfolios for over 1 billion euro GBV, although the transactions were primarily focused on portfolios between 50 and 10 million or below 10 million euro (respectively 236 and 184).

The most active investors were Illimity and Hoist, with 20 transactions each. Concerning servicers, 78.2% of the NPLs are managed by Amco, Aquileia Capital Servicer, Cerved Credit Management, Credito Fondiario, DoValue, Guber, Hoist, Ifis Npl, Neprix and Prelios.

Source: Credit Village

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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