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Not many properties are purchased from the developer

14 October, Milano Finanza

Newly built properties have represented in 2017 only 24% of the sales. The figures come from the Notaries Public based on the information received by 92% of its registered members. In the first semester, the number of sales of properties has been 401,432, of which 300,929 have been residential properties, besides garages, cellars, and parking spaces. Only 61,892 properties were bought from the developer. “More than half of the sales, equal to 56.48% (163,155 transactions), involved the request of the “first house benefit” with a sharp difference between the purchase from privates and the purchase from companies (only 6.9%), with a clear crisis of new or renovated properties”, warn the notaries. The North registered over than 56% of the properties sold, 17.74% in the Centre, 18.15% in the South, and 7.6% in the islands. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, the sales have grown by 10.7%, in Valle d’Aosta +6.3%, Trentino Alto Adige +4.4%. In the Centre, Umbria registered +7.9%, in countertrend. Lombardy too registered a positive trend (+2.6%), and it’s the region with the most real estate transactions (82,561). “56.48% of the sales of residential properties has happened with the “first house benefit”, highlighted the Notaries Public.


Source: Milano Finanza

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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