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New shopping centre, green light for the construction works to resume


The construction site is stuck because the owner presented a variation. The Building Srl responsible, Alberto Ricci: “ Restarting in a month”.

The construction works for the shopping village will resume in a month, the complex will be located in the Rosignano-Solvay area between Le Piscine and the Morelline industrial district. Alberto Ricci, Building Srl. legal representative, reassures the citizens that for weeks have been wondering why the works are stuck: “We had to adjust the project – he says – but we’ll resume the works in one month”. Margherita Pia, councillor for Urban Planning explains: “Basically the company presented a variation to the project changing the entrance for service vehicles, only an instrumental change that doesn’t impact the content of the project”.

In the past few weeks, many residents were wondering whether there were technical problems that caused the site to stop. The company confirms its will to continue the works as quickly as possible with the construction of a shopping centre composed of two buildings of 1,500 sq m each, commercial spaces to sell to neighbouring shops, 12 office spaces, 430 parking spaces for the customers of the shopping village. The area where the complex will rise is located between Solvay and Le Morelline, more specifically in the area comprised between Via Filidei, Via del Mondiglio, and Via Delle Pescine. The lot faces the entrance of the Solvay plant and has never been used before.

The area was originally Solvay’s property and was bought by Building Srl. Previously the area was destined to artisanal use and its purpose was changed through a city planning intervention. Therefore, the works will resume in one month together with the start of the construction of the commercial facility. It will include a medium sized grocery shop, a 1500 sq m space for nongrocery products and a bigger building that will accommodate the neighbouring shops and services. A village of shops and offices whose project was debated by small business owners but that has been already successfully tested in the surrounding towns such as Cecina and Livorno.


Source: http://m.iltirreno.gelocal.it/cecina/cronaca/2017/09/24/news/nuovo-centro-commerciale-ok-alla-ripresa-dei-lavori-1.15898574

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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