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    Building in Milan
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    Amundi Real Estate Italia Sgr
  • € MM

Milan, Amundi Re purchases a building for 92 million on behalf of Nexus 1


Amundi Real Estate Italia Sgr has purchased a property located at number 4 of Via Verri in Milan on behalf of the reserved fund Nexus 1 for a market value of 92 million euro. The property develops on 8 floors for a total surface of approximately 5,600 Sq m and it’s completely rented. It features among the tenants the Fashion, Art and Design Institute Marangoni, whereas for the retail part there are  Dsquared2, Freddy, and La Martina. The Nexus 1 Fund is a real estate investment trust of the semi-open type under Italian law reserved to experienced investors whose investment strategy is focused on the purchase of non residential properties mainly located in Milan and Rome. The Nexus portfolio reaches in this way a dimension of nearly 500 million euro. In addition, the fund can count on 30 million euro of capital already spent through which it expects to close soon new operations. The shares are entirely held by C. A. Vita, the insurance company of the group Credit Agricole operating in the Italian market.


Source: http://www.affaritaliani.it/milano/milano-amundi-re-acquista-palazzo-per-92-milioni-per-conto-di-nexus-1-497613.html

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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