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M5S party denounces the new Auchan shopping centre



2 October 2017

The local delegation of political party MoVimento 5 Stelle is polemic: “the left wing of the concrete won, the biggest shopping centre in Italy will rise in Cinisello Balsamo and they don’t care about the environmental problems due to the increased pollution levels and the worsening of the traffic in the area”.

The City Council of Cinisello Balsamo has approved with the resolution number 216 dated 28th September the “Integrated plan of intervention in Bettola”. MoVimento 5 Stelle accuses the City Council to have laid the foundations for the biggest shopping centre in Italy”.

The representatives of the movement in the City Council use harsh words: “The Council is insensitive toward environmental matters, it doesn’t consider the increase of pollution levels due to the increased traffic of vehicles and the certain crisis of the traffic system on the local roads as well as those connecting Sesto San Giovanni with Monza and the future metro terminal in Bettola. The Council didn’t listen to the observations made by Movimento 5 Stelle, Legambiente, and even by Autostrade per l’Italia, which stated that the project might cause a crisis of the motorway system and the surrounding inhabited area, especially for what concerns the SS 36 junction ( Viale Fulvio Testi) in direction Lecco”.

This new commercial property dedicated to retail and services is expected to attract about 20,000 people daily and “we’re sure that the 2,500 available parking spaces on the M1 and the future M5 will not be enough. They used every possible interpretation of the law to inflate their project and  pass off 30,000 Sq m of shopping arcade and 18,000 Sq m of cinemas as public spaces, Moreover, the cinema is not compliant with the obligation by law to be built in the city centre, while here we are in the suburbs”.

This is not all: “They sold to building companies even a 35,000 Sq m public area destined to nature and public services without consulting the citizens beforehand. Thanks to these tricks, the shopping centre will go from the current 54,000 Sq m to 200,000 Sq m, included three office buildings, a ridiculous and unimaginable concentration of concrete for our city that has already cemented and  waterproofed 75% of its surface”.

The outlook according to M5S is not positive: “Local businesses, already in crisis, will agonise, the air and acoustic pollution will significantly worsen due to the traffic, and our health will follow suit. The council refused to install a new station for the monitoring of air pollution and it’s 10 months that we don’t get the results from the existing station on the way to Bresso. Is the mayor scared of finding alarming results and being forced to intervene as responsible for the public health?”

The comparison with the near Arese is inevitable: “If we observe what happens to the shopping centre in Arese, smaller for dimensions and with fewer shops, we can understand what will happen to our city, and we’ll see then our politicians complaining about this project, while now they’re celebrating it as the “future” for Cinisello Balsamo and the Metropolitan City”.

There is then the matter about the urbanization costs: “It will be necessary to redo Piazza Gramsci, Piazza Italia and to buy the park of Grugnotorto (there isn’t enough money to buy the whole park, but the Council doesn’t say it). The political campaign has already started! The number s for the new shopping centre are insane, we’re talking about 270 between shops and restaurants”.

The Movimento 5 Stelle of Cinisello Balsamo has always opposed to the project, and it stresses how “ the shopping centre will shift the social and commercial centre from the city centre to the suburbs, impoverishing people and small businesses in several areas and neighbourhoods, a return to the dormitory towns of the past”.

The M5S representatives conclude: “This enormous project is not necessary to the city, this territory is already congested with shopping centres which will be swept away by this new one. Finally, we must not forget that in Sesto San Giovanni, a few miles away, in the former Falck area, there is the plan of another big shopping centre. The left wing of the cement won once again and the citizens and the environment lost, let’s hope they remember this at the administrative election in 2018”.


Source: http://cinisello-balsamo.milanotoday.it/m5s-centro-commerciale-auchan-bettola.html

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi

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