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Istat: the mortgages keep up with the real estate recovery (+17% in 2016)


An additional confirmation of the good state of the real estate market comes from the figures from Istat about the trades and mortgages of notary origin, both increased by 17% in 2016. A figure not much below that one registered by the Revenue Agency.

According to the Institute of Statistics, the real estate sales have been 728,817, 105,742 more than 2015. “The increase in sales of properties has been registered in all the segments: +16.8% in the residential ( with 680,836 units), +19.9% in the commercial (with 44.079 units), +8.4% in the special use and timeshares (with 3,902 units moorings excluded)”.

“93.7% of the transactions – explains the memo – concerns the sales of real estate properties for residential use and appurtenances (189,899), 5.7% the sale of properties for commercial use (11,607) and 0.6% that one of properties for special use and timeshares (1,146)”.

“The growth trends involves all the geographical areas, with figures higher than the national average in the North-West (+10.5%)”.

The notary deeds for mortgages, loans and other obligations implying the creation of a property mortgage agreed with banks or with subjects other banks (108,584) have registered an increase of +8.1% compared to Q4 in 2015”.Whereas the growth on annual basis is +17%.

As already noted by the Revenue, also Istat observes a slowdown in the growth in the last quarter of last year. But, waiting for the first figures about the first quarter of 2017, which will be broadcasted by the Revenue Tuesday 6th June, the operators are expecting increases in the trades also for this year. Tecnocasa, for instance, estimates about 600 thousand transactions for 2017, together with a slight raise of prices (1-2%), but only in the big cities.

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