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Invimit: launching the i3 Valore Italia fund


Debt reduction through the direct purchase of assets on the territory

Invimit launches the i3 Valore Italia fund, a new vehicle to promote the real estate assets of the local institutions, created to acquire and promote real estate designated for public and social services (libraries, parking lots, theatres, sport centres, etc), alternative real estate segments compared to those explored up to now by the Mef company with its funds.  This is what has been announced by a memo from Invimit.

The i3 Valore Italia fund will directly purchase the real estate assets, contributing in this way to the debt reduction of the local institutions and later, thanks to development projects shared with the regions and the city councils, it will return value to assets that often represent a  “burden” for the owning institutions.

The promotion process is, therefore, the core of the real estate operations of the fund and it can be pursued through a requalification process, an efficiency improvement of the lease management, or also through an actual reconsideration of the original functions.

“With the i3 Valore Italia fund- Elisabetta Spitz, Invimit Sgr Spa CEO, has highlighted – we are aiming at returning value and decency to real estate assets which will have new market potential, but more importantly, they will create an innovation of the functions and a modernization of the local public offer”.

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