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House in Sardinia: now it’s the right moment to buy, but not everywhere



With the crisis of real estate, someone might think this is the right moment to buy a house in Sardinia, but this is only partly true. It depends a lot on which part of the island we choose since there are significant price differences. Sardinia is a varied land for what concerns prices of houses. The situation reflects the population density of the different areas. In fact, if in the small towns, especially in the interior, is possible to buy a property at a low price, this is not true for the coast or for the cities. Let’s see it more in detail.

Generally, the residential properties in Sardinia have registered a slight decrease of the average prices compared to last year. In fact, if we compare the figures, we can see how in August 2017 the average price per square metre for the region was equal to 2,020 euro, while in 2016 it was 2,055, with a decrease of 1.69% on yearly basis. The highest price for properties was registered in September 2015 with the requested price of 2,088 euro per Sq m, the lowest was in June 2017 with an average price of 2,015 euro per Sq m. For instance, an apartment can cost up to 1,955 euro per Sq m, a very convenient price especially for those who need a mortgage to buy the first house. Let’s see the situation in the different areas.

In the province of Sassari, the current trend is positive, at least for who’s selling. The price requested per Sq m was in fact 1,614 euro. However, we must report that from July to August 2017 we have gone from a requested price of 1,605 euro to 1,614 euro per Sq m. In conclusion, prices are lower than last year but they are rising. We find the same trend in Cagliari. It was registered a sharp fall in the property prices compared to last year, we’re talking about -2.38% with 1,867 euro per Sq m in August, against the 1,913 euro per Sq m in August 2016. Despite this, there was a slight growth in the last month: for residential properties, the average requested price was 1,867 euro per Sq m against the 1,861 euro per Sq m requested in July.

The house prices in the Porto Cervo area (Costa Smeralda) are rising and a residential property in August cost on average 5,107 euro compared to the 5,004 requested in the previous month. Therefore, who wants to buy would better hurry.


Source: http://sardegna.admaioramedia.it/immobiliare-casa-in-sardegna-adesso-e-il-momento-giusto-ma-non-ovunque/

Translator: Cristina Ambrosi


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